• Published: 20 August 2019
  • Exotics on Broadway replaced exotics on Cannary Row from last years car week. It is usually the biggest car show of car week that is open to the public and people from all over the small town come to see the beautiful million dollar cars and the most expensive cars in the world. This year somehow a fake ferrari Enzo snuck into the show and drew lots of attention! Would you take a fake ferrari or fake lamborghini to a car show?


    LAOC EXOTICS- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIGzN0EiOcECX94UvjQfw-A




















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  • Aaron Brink
    Aaron Brink  1 months back

    For every "Rev it" is a like on this comment

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043  1 months back

    CarBros Enzo appears at 8:27 for a few seconds. Otherwise don't waste your time on this video.

    • FlachtDriver
      FlachtDriver  1 months back

      The elusive self-destructing 570s!

      • Jk4 Fam
        Jk4 Fam  1 months back

        DDE is getting some heat!

        • Ahmad Fajrian
          Ahmad Fajrian  1 months back

          Nice video Sir.. 👍👌. At 9:47 is that McLaren P1 with Saudi Arabia licence plate ? This is awesome..

          • Tha_Photo_Booth
            Tha_Photo_Booth  1 months back

            We were big flexing coming in with the ix Ferrari’s 💪💪

            • Steven Davis
              Steven Davis  1 months back

              Tshirt ideas Rev it & send it.

              • Kennrey Baquio
                Kennrey Baquio  1 months back

                6:40 thats why i click this video
                I love muscle cars

              • YBK MALITO
                YBK MALITO  1 months back

                idk why every one still entertained by this dumb idiot that has trash content why y’all still subscribe shitty ass channel

                • Cars_of_wny
                  Cars_of_wny  1 months back

                  Crazy ass show (wicked)

                  • YBK MALITO
                    YBK MALITO  1 months back

                    whattttt damon didn’t snitch dumb ass you just a clout chaser like edmond and houston y’all hate on dde because they make better content the beef is between edmond and damon so don’t try to get in it

                    • Jorge's Vlog
                      Jorge's Vlog  1 months back

                      The svj and 720s thoughhhhhh

                    • Jorge's Vlog
                      Jorge's Vlog  1 months back

                      The laferrari’s are clean, but idk about that blue. I’m not a matte paint guy.

                    • Jack Media
                      Jack Media  1 months back

                      Someone should have asked those drivers to rev their car engines.

                    • Mike Osias
                      Mike Osias  1 months back

                      Unsubscribe for calling Damon snitch....

                      • Sinclair Photos
                        Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                        dang man hopefully ill have ya back someday...or when he drops his video admitting it 👀👀

                    • blazelsx
                      blazelsx  1 months back

                      I still can’t believe 2 words can change on how you look on the internet still think DDE didn’t do anything if he did then where’s the footage

                      • Sinclair Photos
                        Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                        its coming out very soon

                      • aint eazy bein weezy
                        aint eazy bein weezy  1 months back

                        I don't give a shit about dde or Edmonton but I do care about one thing in this comment and that is... Not everything is recorded!

                    • blake peer
                      blake peer  1 months back

                      I finally got the Avengers endgame on Redbox yay time to watch it now

                    • Laray koo
                      Laray koo  1 months back

                      Cool nobody is home time to slap the ham

                    • Dark Man
                      Dark Man  1 months back

                      Damon is a snitch&cop informant, check out supercar suspect's vid, where a McLaren f1 is getting a ticket and Damon talk's to the cop and Tell's him to turn the blue lights on, and is laughing about it. Damon is just way to friendly to these cop's while he goes free and everyone else gets arrested. it's never cool to get a huge ticket, and you really don't need some Loud mouth like Damon talking to the cop's and making statements. if mondi gets indicted for felony reckless driving, the state can call Damon to testify and use is video footage, that my friends is a ratface snitch and maybe worse. Damon and his fanboys don't like it but, they really need to lay off the nose candy.✌️🙊🙉🙈👁️👁️

                      • Duke Nukem
                        Duke Nukem  1 months back

                        Damon didn't snitch so shut the fuck up ... Cops already had the video of Edmond doing donuts from over 10 streams, learn the facts before spewing accusations. Edmond & Houston are phony wreckless fucks who have long been jealous of DDE.

                        • Fernando V
                          Fernando V  1 months back

                          Can these cars go into neutral and back into gear while moving?

                          • Fernando V
                            Fernando V  1 months back

                            Sinclair Photos cool man thanks I’ve always wonder how these owners do it

                          • Sinclair Photos
                            Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                            yeah I believe so

                        • ninjabongtoker
                          ninjabongtoker  1 months back

                          the EOB was ok this year.. I didn't see many Bugatti's or concept cars like last year on Cannery Row. Broadway ave is way ghetto too, they should move it back to cannery row

                          • Sinclair Photos
                            Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                            yeah i liked that location better

                          • Sinclair Photos
                            Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                            i enjoyed it i just wanted to see the blue laf

                          • Matt Kirk
                            Matt Kirk  1 months back

                            ninjabongtoker unfortunately they where banned from cannery road due to loud raving and burnouts/accelerations.

                        • bam bam
                          bam bam  1 months back

                          bro really? damon did not snitch i was there mondi got caught red handed there was like 500 people there and why would he do something lkke that when the area is filled wid cops and doing so near those innocent people what an idiot anyway time 2 move on later bro

                          • Sinclair Photos
                            Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                            check mondis new video hes going to admit he snitched

                          • Bill Jones
                            Bill Jones  1 months back

                            bam bam Damon ran over to the cops as they had Mondi pulled over and voluntarily showed the cops video. That is a rat. For those that argue that 500 people uploaded videos, street cops aren’t chillin on IG investigating crimes on the fly, grow up. That is the most ignorant argument, only children would make. Why did Damon approach the cops while they had Mondi pulled over? C’mon bro, no reason other than to snitch.

                        • The V
                          The V  1 months back

                          So where is fake enzo

                        • mccali
                          mccali  1 months back

                          no food vlog? in monterey

                          • Sinclair Photos
                            Sinclair Photos   1 months back

                            im sorry man we didnt eat much crazy food I was tryna keep it low budget

                        • Kevin Reed
                          Kevin Reed  1 months back

                          Awesome video 👍🏻

                        • iamjose_._
                          iamjose_._  1 months back

                          toxic dde fans can’t say nun in this vid

                        • Alessandro Merli
                          Alessandro Merli  1 months back

                          Ahahahah no way😂

                        • Brian Chiron
                          Brian Chiron  1 months back

                          This show was a cluster Fu K