This is the Craziest Car Event EVER!

  • Published: 18 August 2019
  • Welcome to the craziest car event ever! The display is almost unbelievable with 9 Koenigseggs, 7 Paganis, 2 LaFerraris, 2 P1s, 2 918 Spyders, 3 Ferrari F50s, Senna, SSC Tuatara, Venom GT, Fenyr, 3 Ford GTs and more... it has to be seen to be believed, this is Exotics on Broadway!

    Heading over to the event, it was always going to be an incredibly impressive show but I wasn't to know how many insane cars would actually be there. Turning up in my Ford GT with the new Akrapovic exhaust, there's a huge crowd present to greet the cars as they pull in and it very quickly becomes apparent that this is going to be a ridiculous event - in the best possible way.

    From Koenigsegg alone we are looking at the new Jesko, a brand newly delivered Regera, the 2 Agera Final Editions in Vader and Thor, a few of the Agera RS, a CCXR and a CCX. Then with Pagani there's a Huayra BC along with a flurry of Huayra Roadsters.

    The LaFerrari and LaFerrari Aperta are both present, as are two McLaren P1s and 2 918 Spyders to round out the holy trinities. As well as my Ford GT, we also have 2 others but all 3 of them are painted in unique and individual paint liveries.

    The Ferrari F50s turn up in style with a group of 3 pulling in together; all cars that I've filmed with before in different locations and just fantastic to see. But even that isn't all when you consider the W Motors Fenyr Supersport is here, the new SSC Tuatara as well, and also the Hennessey Venom GT. The list of the other supercars beyond this is just as endless, the the Ferrari F12 TDF and Porsche GT2 RS to a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and McLaren 600LT.

    What a day, what an event, and you can see more at:

    Thanks for watching, Tim

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150   1 months back

    A hypercar display like no other; for Exotics on Broadway the turn out was just unreal! Featuring a huge Koenigsegg line-up with the Jesko, Regera and the Final Editions of the Agera, no fewer than 7 Paganis like the Huayra BC and Huayra Roadster and then pairs of both the LaFerrari, P1 and 918 Spyder. The list just goes on from there, you've got to see it to take it all in!

    • Brightraven1
      Brightraven1  4 weeks back

      That Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. What a growl )

    • moira gauci
      moira gauci  1 months back

      That was crazy!!!

    • duane howard
      duane howard  1 months back


    • Ash
      Ash  1 months back

      With a hundred screaming fans, this could have turned into a Shmee ego-fest. But true to form, you focused the video first and foremost on the cars. My hat off to you sir! So glad I subscribed to your channel Tim!

  • Kimani Waweru
    Kimani Waweru  4 days back

    Man, you left the comfort of your Ford GT to stand with strangers on the sidelines so that you could show us cool cars..? RESPSECT man, RESPECT.

    • Ryan Rowe
      Ryan Rowe  1 weeks back

      "SHMEE!!!" Awesome video bud! Thank you!

      • slimfatpat
        slimfatpat  1 weeks back

        I havent seen a Lykan Hypersport in your vids yet. Nice vid like always. Keep it up.

        • Francis Kabengwa
          Francis Kabengwa  1 weeks back

          Thank you for the content. Its awesome for some of us who can never attend such events

          • Techno DJ JUMPIN'JAKE
            Techno DJ JUMPIN'JAKE  1 weeks back

            16:53 Kid in background 😩 btw that car sounds better than the Shmeemobile or is it just me?

            • Lbcnu24
              Lbcnu24  1 weeks back

              I like those erector set wheels... thats all they really are

              • Laurie Schmeck
                Laurie Schmeck  2 weeks back

                you know stradman?

                • Xhulio Mehilli
                  Xhulio Mehilli  2 weeks back

                  17:40 the guy got mad at the driver for revving LOOOL

                  • J K
                    J K  2 weeks back

                    What is up with that laugh

                    • Grandpandrea
                      Grandpandrea  2 weeks back

                      Bugatti Chiron went 304.77 MPH, broke the Koeniggsegg record

                      • James A
                        James A  3 weeks back

                        Love It bro

                        • hmc2s
                          hmc2s  3 weeks back

                          Yeh it's safe to say America does have the best cars shows.

                          • Tech Box
                            Tech Box  3 weeks back

                            I was looking at the girls tbh.

                            • Joseph Sargent
                              Joseph Sargent  3 weeks back

                              If you do one of these road trips again take your McLaren senna

                              • Shmee150
                                Shmee150   3 weeks back

                                Ford GT or the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster...

                              • Joseph Sargent
                                Joseph Sargent  3 weeks back

                                @Shmee150 what other car would u take if you do it again

                              • Shmee150
                                Shmee150   3 weeks back

                                The Senna is not a road trip car. It is a pure track car. I would never do a road trip in the Senna

                            • KHALED33 AHMED33
                              KHALED33 AHMED33  3 weeks back


                              • Devik Lovecraft
                                Devik Lovecraft  3 weeks back

                                Jesus dude, you’re an effing rockstar... save some strange for the rest of us

                                • Titilomelirifa
                                  Titilomelirifa  4 weeks back

                                  How is the tuatara a delivery vehicle when it has no rearview mirrors

                                  • King GTR
                                    King GTR  4 weeks back

                                    People love shmee 😎✌✌✌👏👏👏

                                    • Qasim Rehan
                                      Qasim Rehan  4 weeks back

                                      Bro Shmee deserves more subs man he spends like almost all his time to make vids for us

                                      • Carter Hassard
                                        Carter Hassard  4 weeks back

                                        Canada representing out there..but, fucking beautiful cars from around the world none the less

                                        • Minty Fresh
                                          Minty Fresh  4 weeks back

                                          *shmee trying to talk *
                                          people: SHMEEEEEEEEEE

                                          • Chris Adair
                                            Chris Adair  4 weeks back

                                            I don’t care what all cars are there...none of them are as extreme & cool as this Ford GT.

                                            • George Costarica
                                              George Costarica  4 weeks back

                                              Who's this shmoo dude?

                                              • Hendrik Horn
                                                Hendrik Horn  4 weeks back

                                                Pls say it’s shmee

                                                • Greg James
                                                  Greg James  4 weeks back

                                                  Damn, imagine one of those guys arriving leaves it in D then revs... damn...

                                                  • Gee A
                                                    Gee A  4 weeks back

                                                    I wonder what his real name is. Shirley?

                                                    • Froyo Jesus
                                                      Froyo Jesus  4 weeks back

                                                      I got tp sit in the henaccy venom gt

                                                      • Tom Ranum
                                                        Tom Ranum  4 weeks back


                                                        • Joel Efraimsson
                                                          Joel Efraimsson  4 weeks back

                                                          Look at that guy flipping them off at 20:05

                                                          • BMW 3 Series G20
                                                            BMW 3 Series G20  4 weeks back

                                                            16:40 that girl in the background keeps flinching whenever the GT revs xD

                                                            • locomike1219
                                                              locomike1219  4 weeks back

                                                              I knew I would see this video after seeing your car parked on Broadway! I live in the next town over (Marina), so thanks for visiting our neck of the woods, and hope to see you next year!

                                                              • Hoot Tapoot
                                                                Hoot Tapoot  4 weeks back

                                                                Ive got a lots of fans in this video

                                                                • Lucas Clift
                                                                  Lucas Clift  4 weeks back

                                                                  Thanks again Tim, I love to see anyone with a natural high. Amazing Cars, I'm seeing a future American and you'd be one we'd love to explore with you! Thanks my friend!

                                                                  • ꓷX PyromaniacMoose XD

                                                                    I was at that show!!! I didnt see you, but I did see your car

                                                                    • Michael Summerell
                                                                      Michael Summerell  4 weeks back

                                                                      That De Tomaso P72 sounds epic!! Dear lordy!!!

                                                                      • Dan Livni
                                                                        Dan Livni  4 weeks back

                                                                        That Ford GT car look awesome at 7:53

                                                                        • UNDERCOVER
                                                                          UNDERCOVER  4 weeks back

                                                                          7:46 This is the best color Ford GT i've ever seen

                                                                          • UNDERCOVER
                                                                            UNDERCOVER  4 weeks back

                                                                            7:10 Is this Ryan Friedlinghaus from the West Coast Customs with a black t-shirt at left?

                                                                            • Chris Sean
                                                                              Chris Sean  4 weeks back

                                                                              al those losers trying to be youtube stars

                                                                              • Neil Solanki
                                                                                Neil Solanki  4 weeks back

                                                                                i actually saw the diablo sv and lime aventador on a tow truck bringing it

                                                                                • Hape Sethathi
                                                                                  Hape Sethathi  4 weeks back

                                                                                  This video made me extremely happy. So much love in one video

                                                                                  • Steve Hines
                                                                                    Steve Hines  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Nice to see all the love for Tim in 🇺🇸

                                                                                    • AKINYEMI Akinpelu
                                                                                      AKINYEMI Akinpelu  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Your vids are awsome pls shout me out

                                                                                      • ART EFX
                                                                                        ART EFX  4 weeks back

                                                                                        ShmeesHmeeeeshMeee ..sHmeee ee

                                                                                        • eksdee
                                                                                          eksdee  4 weeks back

                                                                                          16:57 That girl in the back fell over because of the exhaust

                                                                                        • Paul D
                                                                                          Paul D  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Saw your GT but didn't see you :-(

                                                                                          • As you wish Boss
                                                                                            As you wish Boss  4 weeks back

                                                                                            That was Jey Leno driving Lancia ? 13:57